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Those Jennifer Lawrence Pictures Aren’t Scandalous

This is so important. I feel so bad for these women. I would be pissed if something like this ever happened to me and the last thing they should be made to feel right now is embarrassment or shame.

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Bat’leth by Kimberly Gintar [ravelry]

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Wal-Mart earned $27 billion in profit last year. They could afford to pay their bottom million workers $10,000 more a year, raise all of those people out of poverty, cost — save taxpayers billions of dollars, and still earn $17 billion in profit, right? It’s simply nuts that we have allowed this to happen. […] You know, this ridiculous idea that a worker on Wall Street who earns tens of millions of dollars a year securitizing imaginary assets or doing high-frequency trading is worth 1,000 times as much as workers who earn tens of thousands of dollars a year educating our children, growing or serving us our food, throwing themselves into harm’s away to protect our life or property, that this difference reflects the true value or intrinsic worth of these jobs is nonsense.
- Nick Hanauer, Venture Capitalist, on the necessity of a living wage (via cognitiveinequality)
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I don’t think I’ve ever been so close for a band that I super liked.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so close for a band that I super liked.

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The New Pornographers.

The New Pornographers.




This is like installing Windows on a Mac.

I am physically required to reblog this or my heart will stop beating.

oh my god

Though I’ve seen this before, it’s always adorable.

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(Source: iwriteaboutfeminism)

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Pretty clouds.

Pretty clouds.

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